Kenya Building Research Centre

Kenya Building Research Centre

Kenya Building Research Centre (KBRC) is one of the institutions domiciled under the State
Department for Housing and Urban Development. The Executive Order No.1 of May 2016
reinforces the institutions mandate to spearhead the Building Research Services in Kenya.
This inaugural Strategic Plan provides a coherent, systematic and sustainable roadmap
towards achievement of its functions, mandate and objectives. The proposed measures
and activities are expected to play a key role in the realisation of the national development

The Centre was established in 1957 with three mandates for specific use by the Building
Branch of the then Public Works Department. These were;
i. A library of manufacturer’s trade catalogues and Literature;
ii. A library of samples of building materials; and
iii. A Technical Reference Library
This Technical Reference Library continued to expand in size and scope and proved to be of
immense value to the Ministry’s technical staff. The possibility of starting such a Centre had
long been mooted by the East Africa Institute of Architects and in July 1958 the Council of
the Institute approached the Minister of Works at that time and suggested for
consideration of the establishment of a Building Centre for the benefit of the Colony. This
morphed to a Building Centre similar to those established in England and other European
countries. The original mandate included;
i. To disseminate information on low cost building materials
ii. To provide reading materials to researchers and scholars.
iii. Printing of researched information for easier dissemination to users.
iv. To partner with other stakeholders in the Building Industry.
v. To educate and train new entrepreneurs joining the Building Industry and the
general public.

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